Ruta Transport's fleet is being systematically expanded and upgraded, it comprises 175 tractor and trailer combinations: tractor units from Scania and silo semi-trailers from Spitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke. Semi-trailers with different capacities (non-tipping semi-trailer silos, so-called tank semi-trailers, with capacities of 34 m3 and 37 m3, and tipping silos with capacities of 45 m3 and 60 m3) allow us to offer tailor-made solutions for different industries.

Tractor units in Ruta Transport's fleet meet the Euro 6 emission standard and drivers receive training in economical and safe driving. The tractors are equipped with modern telematics equipment. They allow constant monitoring of the vehicle, driver and customer order. Fleet information is accessed in real time, anywhere, and drivers receive dispatcher support even after working hours.

Spitzer semi-trailers in Ruta Transport's tractor and trailer combinations have a lightweight, compact and robust design, which is very important when transporting bulk materials. The latest technology and materials are used in the trailer manufacturing process. The wide range of capacities of both non-tipping and tipping silo semi-trailers in the Ruta Transport fleet allows for the best matching of the means of transport to the material to be transported.

Non-tipping semi-trailers 34-37 m³

Semi-trailers for the transport of loose building materials such as cement, lime, gypsum, dried sand, fly ash.

Tipping semi-trailers 45 m³

Semi-trailers for the transport of bulk construction, chemical and feed materials.

Tipping semi-trailers 60 m³

Semi-trailers mainly used for the transport of plastic granulates and other bulk neutral chemical materials.

Safety railing
Customs security
Easily accessible loading openings
Loading opening under pressure
Easily accessible loading openings

Intuitive unloading system
Intuitive unloading system for the tipping silo semi-trailer, microfilter and unloading airflow distribution manifold.
The easy-to-read instrument layout gives the operator a safe overview of the valves and pressure gauges, which translates into reaction time and avoids problems during loading and unloading.
Unloading flap valve
Unloading flap valve with infinitely adjustable opening, mounted on the rear hatch of the semi-trailer ending in an unloading clamp, with the possibility of changing the direction of unloading.
Unloading pipes
Vibration system to aid unloading
Trailer tank earthing system
Set of accessories and unloading adapters
Unloading compressor

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