Ruta Transport specialises in road transport in silo semi-trailers. We transport bulk materials of mineral origin, as well as feed ingredients.

If bulk density is not a limitation, loads of up to 28 t at a time are transported in non-tipping silo semi-trailers and 26 t (in those with a capacity of 45 m3) and 25 t (in those with a capacity of 60 m3) in tipping silo semi-trailers. Different trailer capacities and configurations are used depending on the needs, the specific material in question and the industry to which it is supplied. As a general rule of thumb, the higher bulk density of the material, the better a smaller volume silo is suited for its transport. 

transport materiałów sypkich
transport materiałów paszowych
  • transport of building materials
  • transport of neutral chemical materials
  • transport of fodder materials

Non-tipping silo semi-trailer vs. tipping silo semi-trailer

Construction and unloading method:
  • Non-tipping silo semi-trailer: self-supporting contruction, tank permanently connected to the chassis, does not change its position during unloading. Depending on their size, the tanks are delivered into individual chambers in the shape of funnels ending in a discharge bus, which makes pneumatic unloading possible.
  • Tipping silo semi-trailer: single-chamber, cylinder-shaped tank locates on the frame of a semi-trailer. To unload the material, the silo must be raised to an almost vertical position, dumping the material towards the rear discharge opening. In addition to standard pneumatic unloading, gravity unloading can also be carried out.
  • Non-tipping silo semi-trailer: suitable for transporting materials with a high bulk density and dedicated to specific materials such as cement, lime or fly ash.
  • Tipping silo semi-trailer: suitable for transporting neutral chemical, feed and specialised construction materials. 

Loading of both semi-trailers is carried out through the upper opening of the hopper hatches or pneumativally via a loading spigot. The trailers are made of aluminium - to optimise weight. 

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