Washing plant

In 2019, Ruta Transport opened a truck wash facility at its transport centre. It is primarily used by the domestic fleet, but external vehicles can also be washed there.

Specialised internal cleaning:

  • silos
  • tanks 

The exterior wash offer:

  • tractor units with all types of semi-trailers (including silos, tankers, curtain trailers, refrigerated trucks, tippers)
  • rubbish trucks
  • buses
  • gully emptiers
  • delivery vehicles and others

We care for the environment!

The carwash has a Lugan 3000-type wastewater pretreatment plant with a capacity of 3 000 litres per hour. It operates on the basis of a combination of technologies: chemical de-oiling (flocculation) and separation of crushed solids using the difference in wettability of the components (flotation). An average of 1 to 1,5 m3 of water is used in a single washing process, which then goes into a 30 000-litre averaging tank and sub-treatment plant. This ensures that the water entering the sewer system is free of environmentally hazardous substances.

We invite you to use our washing services!

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