Świętujemy 37 urodziny Ruta Transport

07 January 2024

Celebrating the 37th birthday of Ruta Transport

Exactly on 7 January 1987, Wojciech Ruta founded his own transport company. Today, Ruta Transport employs 250 people, has more than 170 sets of trucks and cooperates with more than a hundred regular customers in Poland and Europe.

It all started 37 years ago with the transport of aggregates, coal and slag in a Stare 200, a dumper truck assembled by himself in a garage at home. This was followed by a Kamaz truck tractor and a Zremb cement truck. Today, the company's fleet consists of more than 170 sets, including Scania and DAF tractors and Spitzer Silo Fahrzeugwerke silo trailers (lying and lifting). On the premises of the transport base in Minsk Mazpowieckie, there is a professional truck and semi-trailer wash facility, an in-house fleet and Spitzer semi-trailer service and an in-house fuel station. Further investments are on the horizon!

Consistent development, persistent work and passion have resulted in the company becoming a leader in the road transport of neutral bulk materials in silos in Central and Eastern Europe. Ruta Transport is an internally strong company, continuously improving standards in customer relations and using its experience and knowledge to provide business benefits to its trading partners.


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