28 November 2022

Ruta Transport - a socially responsible company

In addition to its commercial activities, Ruta Transport is involved in social activities.

Ruta Transport has been operating in the road transport market for more than 35 years. It specialises in national and international road transport of neutral bulk materials in silos. In addition to its commercial activities, the Company is involved in social activities. Cooperation with secondary schools in Mińsk Mazowiecki, support for the initiatives of local NGOs and cultural institutions are the most important areas of Ruta Transport's social responsibility.

Shortening distances

Ruta Transport's motto - we shorten the distance - illustrates the company's competence as a reliable link between the producer and the recipient of goods. As part of its corporate social responsibility, Ruta Transport also shortens social distances. Cooperation agreements with the Vocational Schools Complex No. 2 and the Economic Schools Complex in Mińsk Mazowiecki enable students to have practical classes and work placements at the company. The extensive infrastructure - a modern office and service complex with its own workshop and truck and tank washing facilities - and the qualified staff provide a good base for the young generation of future employees to gain knowledge and experience. Successful learners can receive funding for driving licence courses and even find employment in a company.  

The company organises competitions to engage young people to showcase skills and ideas. Participating in joint initiatives gives students the opportunity to test the knowledge they have gained so far and gain further valuable experience. It also opens the way for them to get a foothold in the labour market. In autumn 2022, Ruta Transport organised an inter-school art competition. A total of forty-four students from two district schools in Mińsk Mazowiecki took part: Economic Schools Complex and  Vocational Schools Complex no 2 named after Insurgents of Warsaw. The competition consisted of designing an educational booklet or colouring book for younger children on the principles of safe participation in traffic. Elements of the most interesting pupils' work will be used by the company in a collective project, which will be printed and distributed to younger children in the district as part of the promotion of safe road behaviour.

Within the area of Ruta Transport's CSR activities lies the promotion of Mińsk Mazowiecki. This is the family cradle of the company. The company supports a number of local projects with common overarching values: education, caring for the environment, promoting healthy lifestyles and helping those most in need. Regular co-operation with the County Governor's Office, Mińsk Mazowiecki City Hall and the Museum of Mińsk Region results in interesting projects.

Ruta Transport also acts responsibly towards its more than 240 employees. It provides them with comfortable working conditions, private healthcare packages and training to meet defined needs. These factors, together with opportunities for professional fulfilment and development, determine the stability of employment within the company.

Marked by corporate social responsibility

For its corporate social responsibility projects, Ruta Transport has created a special logo. At the centre of the logotype there are pictograms of the company's core CSR activities, and the circular shape of the logo most accurately reflects the levelling of all distances.


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